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Nou se yon ekip konsiltan ki mete tèt yo ansanm pou ankouraje aksè vaksen an. Nou pran angajman pou ede pote vaksen ak enfòmasyon sou vaksen yo bay moun ki nan kominote nou yo ki pi bezwen lè nou bay zouti ki nesesè yo ansanm ak enfòmasyon sou ki kote, ki sa, ki lè ak ki jan.

VaxTruths ap travay ak lòt patnè nan zòn Collier pou ede popilasyon ki pi difisil yo jwenn enfòmasyon sou vaksen an.

Meet The Team


Howard Isaacson

Founder and Principal

Howard Isaacson came to VaxTruths with extensive leadership, strategic planning and not-for-profit experience, following careers with Deloitte as a CPA and Wall Street as a wealth advisor, while serving on numerous not-for-profit boards in his spare time. 


Tamika Seaton


Tamika Seaton is the Executive Consultant at Grow Your Non-Profit. Tamika helps nonprofits of any size with executive support, fundraising, virtual and live events, build a donor base, assist with strategy planning, and fund development for live and virtual events. 


Falon Tabares


Falon Tabares is the CEO of The Healthy Earth, a local not-for-profit. She has connected VaxTruths with multiple organizations and has been very instrumental in branding and marketing VaxTruths to the community in general.


Adriana Buitrago

Marketing Consultant

Adriana Buitrago, as the former Director of the Hispanic Institute at Hodges University, brings a lot of experience in bringing the Hispanic Community together. As the founder of Wanna Be Found, a marketing agency, she manages the VaxTruths website as well as reaching out to the Hispanic Community and Hispanic Media.

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